LMC Alum Steve Viny’s Company Keeps Medina County Green


     Envision Waste Services is the operator of the Medina County Central Processing Facility. Currently, this facility diverts 33% of the solid waste generated in the county from being sent to a landfill and has recovered almost 800 million pounds of marketable  recyclables. If yard waste compost and mulch were included that total would be over 1 billion pounds of recovered material that does NOT go into a land fill. 

     Some of those “recoverables” go towards the production of Engineered Fuel (they’re the leader) and  Class 1 compost.  With environment issues in the forefront this facility is a tour destination for foreign and domestic governments and environmental companies world wide.  They employ 92 individuals from the county including 14 workers with developmental disabilities through Windfall Industries. 

     What can you do to help Medina County?  Steve advises to get 1 paper bag a week from the grocery store, place your weeks papers in it, and put that bag directly into the garbage can.